Since 1994, GP MAT International has offered lifting solutions for construction sites of all sizes in France and its overseas departments and territories.

GP MAT International offers a complete line of tower cranes and self-erecting automated hydraulic cranes to respond to your most technical projects and demanding work sites.

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Tower Cranes

GP MAT International, the tower crane specialist, has been offering RAIMONDI’s exceptional line of cranes to the French market since 1996.

RAIMONDI, founded in Milan in 1863, is recognized around the world as a great manufacturer. We provide a complete line of tower cranes, both topless and luffing jib, that incorporate the most recent technology in terms of production and use.

RAIMONDI’s crane collection is constantly evolving to better respond to the demands of today’s construction sites.

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Self-erecting cranes

GP MAT International offers its own line of self-erecting automated hydraulic cranes, targeted specifically to craftsmen/women and small and mid-sized companies.

All our self-erecting automated hydraulic cranes are powerful, compact, easy to transport, and quick to assemble.

The “FAST” self-erecting automated crane model is the most comprehensive on the market. With its ballasted transport, directional axle, built-in power generator, and hydraulic rigging, this line of cranes is ideal tool for difficult to access work sites and short-term projects.


After-Sales services and assistance

GP MAT International offers an array of services including: assembly, repairs, inspection, and compliance upgrades, as well as paintwork and detailed visits for each type of crane.

In France GP MAT International works directly with clients or through a network of distributers and goes through subsidiary groups to reach clients in French overseas departments and territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, French Polynesia, and Reunion).

GP MAT IS HIRING: Technicians, salespeople, traveling or stationary...


GP MATIC 40S Gigondas

GP MATIC 40S Gigondas

Rapid self-erecting crane

GP MAT International is hiring!

GP MAT International is hiring!

GP MAT International is hiring!

The RAIMONDI MRT 294 operator’s cabin and lift

The RAIMONDI MRT 294 operator’s cabin and lift

The RAIMONDI MRT 294 operator’s cabin and lift